About PRRS

Porcine Reproductive and Respitory Syndrome (PRRS) has been in existence for nearly 20 years.  While having had different names over those years including Mystery Swine Disease and Blue Ear Disease, PRRS is the most commonly accepted and identified name.

As the name suggests, the PRRS virus affects the reproductive and respitory health of pigs and can have devestating effects that materialize in the form of abortions, mortality, and growth inefficiency. 

Transmission of PRRS has been confirmed to move with the animal, people, equipment and supplies, and most recently over great distances through the air.

As we learn more about PRRS, producers continue to add to their strategies to limit the effect after the introduction of PRRS and stabilize health.

Producers are also gaining momentum in the fight against the introduction and elimination of PRRS through a combination of well executed bio-security practices - including air filtration.

What the experts are saying…

Our farm was breaking with a new PRRS strain more than 1 time per year.  In many cases, the virus could be traced to local area finishing sites.  In the summer of 2008 we filtered our farm.  Our working lives have changed completely since.  We can focus our time on husbandry instead of mortality hauling.  The air quality for all of us is better also.  We are no longer living in fear each day of the health status of our neighboring producers.

Nona Rassmussen , Farrowing Department Manager

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