After years of fighting PRRSv and repeated and frequent introductions of PRRSv, all alternatives had been implemented or considered – including relocation of sow herds.  Sow relocation was not an option possible due to capital limitations.  By default, air filtration was the path chosen based on the confidence in the work of Dr. Scott Dee.

In years leading up to 2008, Dr. Scott Dee and the Swine Disease and Eradication Center had completed, or was in the process of, completing significant work on identifying and confirm the possible ways PRRS may be introduced swine herds.  One of the monumental discoveries confirmed in this work was the ability for PRRS to travel through the air.  Additionally, the work confirmed the movement of the virus to be stopped through use of filtration.

The first barn (3200 sows and wean-to-finish GDU) was filtered in the fall of 2008 with great effort and expense put forth by the sow owners, sow managers, and staff.  Although, filtration had been utilized and success documented prior to 2008, 100%-around the clock filtration of this scale had not been completed.

Out of this effort, born were Bio-Secure Air, Inc. (installation and filter selection) and Ag Property Solutions, LLC (equipment, supply, and process management).  Since 2009, the filter of choice has been the Airguard filter produced by CLARCOR Air Filtration Products, Inc.

Since this date, over 100,000 sow spaces have been filtered.  Brought to you by sow owners and managers, Fenced Air exists to supply the sow producers with the technology, equipment, and processes necessary to make air filtration a successful investment in their operations. 



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Dr. Scott Dee

The data is fairly self explanatory. Two  of ten filtered herds broke with PRRS, due to non-filter breaches, over a two year period of time ending September 2010.  In the non-filtered control group, 24 of 26 herds broke with PRRS in that same period of time.

Dr. Scott Dee, Veterinarian Specialist

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