History & Experience

The principals of Fenced Air have been involved in the swine industry for over 25 years as pig owners, swine business and operations managers, swine nutrition and manufacturing, and equipment supply.

Our history in the industry provides a strong foundation and depth of experience to identify and provide working solutions with filtration and understand and support the facets of your organization that will contribute to the success of filtration for you.

Our experience in air filtration starts in 2008.  Since then we have filtered over 200,000 sows as of June 2012.

What the experts are saying…

Dr. Scott Dee

The data is fairly self explanatory. Two  of ten filtered herds broke with PRRS, due to non-filter breaches, over a two year period of time ending September 2010.  In the non-filtered control group, 24 of 26 herds broke with PRRS in that same period of time.

Dr. Scott Dee, Veterinarian Specialist

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Interactive Demo Available for Viewing
Please access our interactive series of pictures designed to highlight the filtration process at: ABOUT FENCED AIR >> HOW IT WORKS >> INTERACTIVE DEMO read more